With LaunchPad Marketing, you don’t have to be an Facebook Ads expert to run cost-efficient campaigns that get more sales 🔥🚀

  • Before LaunchPad Marketing: wasting a huge amount of time on setting up & managing campaigns no one clicks, spending too much on ads, and leaving money on the table by not unlocking the full potential of campaigns.
  • After LaunchPad Marketing: Everything’s taken care of in one place, save money & time to spend on things that matter most, and grow your business on autopilot.

Why LaunchPad?

Make Time for Your Business

Leave boring & time-consuming "stuff" to LaunchPad Marketing and get the most out of your business. Save time & money on designing creative assets and managing your ad campaigns.

Reduce Wasteful Design & Facebook Ad Spending

LaunchPad Marketing provides 24/7 campaign monitoring & optimization & highly-relevant & diverse creative assets to make sure you won’t spend a dime on ads no one sees.

Scale Your Business: Faster & Better

With LaunchPad Marketing in place, you can spread the word, get more leads & sales, and grow your business on autopilot. Faster & better!

How Does LaunchPad Marketing Work?


Add Your Social Media Pages

Add your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or other social media pages alongside the link to your website/app.


Add Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Click on the “+” button to create your Facebook ad campaign, grant necessary access, and enter information such as the goal, budget, and timeframe.



Select the “smart creative assets” option to allow LaunchPad Marketing to generate highly-relevant creative assets tailored for your campaign with different variations or upload your own creative assets and then hit the launch button — and watch your business grow.

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